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Stil Old Town Hotel in Bucharest has digital locks, both at the entrance into the building and at the access to each room, because we care a lot about the safety of every guest who visits us. Entering the rooms and the hotel is done by entering a PIN code, which you can enter into possession only after paying the rental cost.
Petite Room
Ideal for one person or 2
Romantic Room

Couple who wants to experience some unique moments

Senior Suite
Room suitable for 4 adults

Junior Suite

Room suitable for 2 people
Twin Room

Room suitable for 2 adults

Stil Old Town Hotel

About Us

BORN IN 2019
Stil Old Town Hotel in Bucharest
Stil Old Town is an architectural jewel, located in the heart of downtown Bucharest. This 3-star hotel awaits you to spend pleasant moments in a relaxing environment, just a few minutes from numerous tourist attractions in the capital of Romania. Its architectural style attracts guests year after year who remain impressed by the local beauty and the way the history has been preserved within the hotel’s walls. Access to Stil Old Town Hotel is via Gabroveni Street, which was listed on the List of Historic Monuments in 2010. The name of the street is inspired by the town of Gobrovo in Bulgaria, famous for its knife production in the past. The street also has a history dating back to the end of the 19th century. Also on this street, in 1893, the famous Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale opened his own brewery in partnership with the Mihalcea municipal councilor at the time, which he named it “Mihalcea and Caragiale Brewery” (“Berăria Mihalcea și Caragiale”). The tradition has been preserved over time, and you can still find very well-known breweries in this location, waiting for you with good cheer and drinks to cool you down on hot summer days.

What can you visit near the Stil Old Town Hotel?

The strategic positioning of the Stil Old Town Hotel in Bucharest gives you the chance to be close to the main tourist attractions in the capital of Romania, among which are:

Our Qualities

This is why you should choose Stil Old Town

Modern Design

Original architectural elements were preserved or reproduced

Central Location

Hotel Stil Old Town is waiting for you to enjoy the history of the city, once called Little Paris

Customer safety

Our hotel has digital locks from the entrance to the access to the room. Each door has a smart lock with a high level of security

Request an Offer

Here you can find out the price of you stay,just ask us and we will aswer you as fast as we can!

Our Location

The Stil Old Town Hotel in Bucharest is located approximately 600 meters from the Stavropoleos Church, on a street full of history, good cheer and a bohemian atmosphere. The hotel rooms offer a splendid view of the city’s beauties, no matter what time of the day you choose to enjoy the view. -> More about Old Town Bucarest

str. Gabroveni, nr. 29, sector 3, 030167, Bucuresti

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